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Common issues facing consumer businesses our consultants help to resolve

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We offer a portfolio of consultancy and agency services to assist B2C and B2B businesses with their multichannel challenges. 

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Localising for the UK front cover - Localisation

New report reveals UK localisation benchmarks for international retailers

March 19th by Sam Gaunt


Practicology and Google launch European Omnichannel CX Review

February 8th by Sam Gaunt


Consumer goods shopping

Six steps for growing a consumer goods brand online

January 17th by Sam Gaunt

With declining numbers of consumers in mature markets, a general slowdown in global spending, and change in consumer shopping patterns and behaviour, Practicology Principal Consultant Kerry Lee reveals…



Brand Email Marketing Report 2018

Assessing the email marketing activity of 80 consumer goods brands - providing benchmarks and best practice examples.


China Tourism Report 2018

Chinese tourists spend more while abroad than any other nation, and they are an important customer group for many flagship stores in the West. Discover how to attract Chinese tourist spend through digital marketing and engagement at every stage of the customer journey.


Localising For The UK

Assessing 50 North American retailer mobile sites, this report provides benchmarks for international retailers who want to create a competitive customer experience for their UK localised website.


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