We are a multichannel and ecommerce consultancy with a difference.

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Common issues facing consumer businesses our consultants help to resolve

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We offer a portfolio of consultancy and agency services to assist B2C and B2B businesses with their multichannel challenges. 

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Omni–Social: Asia’s next retail revolution

September 7th by Sam Gaunt

Chris Vincent, Practicology’s CEO-Asia Pacific, explains how Asia’s unique market conditions have sparked the beginning of a new social media revolution amongst retailers. Chris will be speaking at Retail…


Retailers' top five priorities for enhancing customer experience

August 25th by Joanna Perry


Practicology's Martin Newman presents at the Digital Tipping Points Conference

Presentation videos from Practicology's Digital Tipping Points Conference

August 25th by Sam Gaunt

Following on from Practicology's Digital Tipping Points conference in July, we have published videos of all our speakers' presentations. Dreams CEO Mike Logue, Monsoon Accessorize's John Bovill and…



Retail Innovation Report 2016

Practicology and supply chain provider Arvato have conducted research among UK retailers to understand how they will innovate to improve the customer experience they deliver in the next three years.


Content for Commerce White Paper 2016

Practicology's Head of Luxury & Premium Lucy Mansdorf Hirom examines three key questions that can unlock the value of content for multichannel retailers and consumer brands.


Facebook Benchmarking For Retailers 2016

We reviewed the Facebook pages of 50 fashion, footwear and accessories retailers to rate how well they engage and inspire customers, as well as serve those who have queries. The results provide a useful benchmark for how to optimise you brand's Facebook page.


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