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By Joanna Perry | Global Head of Marketing

Amazon Europe insight: Trading & Search Trends update

The latest weekly Amazon Europe insight from Practicology – a Pattern company shows both how the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact Amazon search activity during February, as well as strong continued demand last week from Amazon’s five largest European sites.

As a seller on Amazon, we have access to data on search volumes by keyword. In the last few days we’ve analysed Amazon UK search behaviour in February to understand what consumers were searching for and clicking on, with some interesting results as the reality of the pandemic began to emerge.

From our Amazon sales data for last week we note the following week-on-week results:

  • Both our sales volume and value has continued to rise for the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain; with Spain seeing the highest growth of those markets this week;
  • Units sold on Amazon Spain rose 34%, with revenue rose 53%;
  • Despite restrictions on which categories of products can be shipped to customers by Amazon in Italy and France, both those markets saw unit sales growth in double figures. Italy rose by 15% and France by 13%;
  • Our larger markets – the UK and Germany – also saw respectable unit sales growth off the back of large gains the prior week. The UK was up by 8% and Germany by 20%.

Coronavirus fears sparked search growth for masks from early February

Turning to our search term analysis, we can see that queries around mask items have become some of the most common on Amazon in the UK, driven by the global pandemic.

The trend started back at the beginning of February, before the full threat of the disease was fully realised, with savvy Amazon consumers making the most of the marketplace's convenience, pricing and delivery proposition, to make sure they were equipped ahead of the wave.

Amazon Europe Insight: UK face mask search rankings in February

Comparing searches from the end of January to the end of February, we can see the increasing popularity of mask related search terms. By the end of February, mask related terms accounted for 25% of the top 20 search terms.

Interestingly we can also see Amazon's understanding of search intent adapting to the products customers are clicking on, and potentially brands' bidding activity as customer demand increases. 
The top product clicked from the search term ‘face masks’ in the week of January 19th was a beauty face mask. By the week beginning February 23rd it was an Anti Pollution N95 mask; which is now out of stock.

Airpods dominate electronic searches, but are less of a priority when pandemic strikes

‘Airpods’ has been in the top 20 searched terms on Amazon UK relatively consistently, but dropped out of the top 20 for the first time in months at the end of February as other products became more of a priority.  However, initial search insights from March appear to show bluetooth headsets growing in popularity after UK consumers were instructed to work from home.

Brands should consider what their consumers' world looks like now, and prioritise stock and spend in areas which are most in demand.

Women are quicker off the mark searching for Valentine's day gifts.

Finally, despite the changing consumer behaviour as a result of COVID-19, one other piece of Amazon Europe insight for February demonstrated some normality among UK consumers.

It's a long standing stereotype that women are more organised when it comes to buying gifts, cards, etc. but looking at the data, it does seem to be the case, at least on Amazon. Searches for 'valentines gifts for him' was a top 10 keyword search on Amazon UK from mid-January and even earlier, whereas 'valentines gifts for her' only jumps into the top 10 less than two weeks before the day itself.

Amazon UK Search Rank for Valentine's Day Gifts  Feb 2020

When budgeting for search activity for upcoming events, brands should consider this trend and phase accordingly, depending on whether their products are more likely to be purchased by men or women.

If you want to stay up to date with Amazon Europe insight, or want a conversation on how we can support you to trade on Amazon, please reach out to us at or follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.


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