By Joanna Perry | Global Head of Marketing

Amazon Europe weekly trading update shows strong sales in the marketplace's five key EU markets despite delays in inbound shipments

Practicology – a Pattern company has issued a second weekly trading update as a reference point for brands who are trading on the platform.

Our stocks of products into Amazon’s EU warehouses are holding up well, and we have seen a further increase in demand in units and value terms, on Amazon’s UK, French, German, Spanish and Italian sites.

Interesting trading patterns are beginning to emerge as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with European consumers further adapting to the restrictions on their movement in place and turning to Amazon fulfil their requirements.

From our Amazon sales data for last week we note:

  • Our total Amazon Europe weekly unit sales rose by 13%, having risen by 36% in the previous week;
  • We saw unit sales rise in all five markets with Spain rising the most at 33%. Our Spanish revenue also rose by 52.8% as Spanish consumers accepted life locked down in their homes;
  • Italy has continued to perform strongly with unit sales up 15.4%, and revenue up 16.2%, even off the back of large increases in both those metrics in the prior week;
  • There was an uptick in demand in Germany – with units sold up 19.6% week on week – and sales for the current trading week are already tracking ahead of that;
  • Finally, in the UK we continued to make gains with a unit rise of 8.4%, after the huge rise of 40.5% in the previous week. On Saturday 21st March alone, our UK sales revenue was double our normal daily total.

We are expecting further sales increases in the UK this week as consumers have already flocked to place orders in anticipation of the Government’s order to stay at home.

Further to our mention last week, Amazon continues to prioritise inbound shipments to its European warehouses for goods in high-demand categories. Our stock cover already warehoused with Amazon remains at appropriate levels to fulfil immediate demand until we expect those restrictions to be lifted on April 5th.

In addition, it has been reported that Amazon will stop shipping non-essential items in Italy and France for a short period of time, to allow its operations in those countries to catch-up with huge spikes in demand. Again, we believe this measure to be temporary and will not restrict the sale of goods for the majority of our brands.

We continue to speak to brands who want to expedite the process for us becoming their authorised Amazon Seller across Europe. We can run commercial analysis and have a brand up and running on the marketplace in as little as six weeks, and urge brands to begin these conversations as soon as possible to minimise the disruption their business may face from physical stores being closed.

If you need support with your ecommerce sales or digital marketing activity in Europe or elsewhere in the world - or you just want some advice - please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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