New report reveals UK localisation benchmarks for international retailers

Localising for the UK - localisation report

Practicology has published 'Localising For the UK', a benchmark report for international retailers who want to create a competitive customer experience for their UK localised websites.

The research focuses on mobile site experience, as in the UK more than half of all visits to retail websites, and circa half of online retail sales, are made on mobile devices. It judges whether the customer experience matches the experience offered by domestic UK retailers.

Localising For The UK assesses the UK sites of 50 US and Canadian brands at different stages in their localisation progress; some who have European and UK operations and stores, and others who are selling cross-border online into the UK.

Each retailer was scored against 25 key localisation criteria that included whether UK English language has been adopted across the site and if offers and promotions are suitable for the UK market. We also considered the competitiveness of the delivery and returns proposition, the usability of the mobile checkout, site speed and performance and whether email marketing was relevant and localised.

Based on these results, the report picks out the top 10 and bottom 10 performing retailers and provides readers with the key findings and benchmarks from the research.

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No retailer scored full marks against the criteria, with all having areas to address to fully localise for the UK market. 

Practicology Chief Marketing Services Officer, Nicola Hollow, said: “To compete with their UK competitors, American retailers must strive to understand the local customer behaviour and adapt to the unique nuances of the market. This may require tailoring the language and tone on their mobile sites, tweaking the fulfilment proposition, adjusting the pricing strategy to meet local value perceptions or establishing an in-market customer service team.”

She adds: “We regularly speak to North American retailers who feel that their UK website is underperforming. This report provides key recommendations for the customer experience areas they need to focus on to improve their conversion rates.”

Download the full 'Localising For The UK' report here.

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