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The future is now

Futurologists by definition think many years ahead. But with everything going digital so quickly, what about now? Our CEO Martin Newman coined the term “Practicologist” to describe someone who’s inspired by the future opportunities of commerce, yet grounded by the deep understanding of delivering exceptional experiences for consumers today.

A consultancy with a difference was born

This light-bulb moment led to the creation of the Practicology brand, and the company was set-up in London in 2009. Martin felt the business could fill a space in the market for a consultancy who spoke the language of retail, while also mixing together the art and science of ecommerce.

We’ve spent the years since recruiting a team of people who all embody what a Practicologist should be. Our straight-talking style, matched by our focus on making money for our clients, means we haven’t looked back.

We think like retailers because we are retailers.

As our client base has grown we’ve worked with some of the biggest retail and consumer brands in the world – from Tesco to Nike. At the same time, businesses outside of retail have engaged us to work on digital and multichannel projects, because they value our focus on helping them to sell more.

All of our consultants have worked in head office retail positions in ecommerce and multichannel teams. We’ve sat where our clients now sit, and we think this gives us unique insight into their challenges and requirements. At the same time, we help some of our clients to trade their online stores; ensuring that no one in the team ever loses sight of what selling to consumers feels like.

Practicology goes global

An invite to a conference in Australia made our CEO realise that Australian retailers and consumer businesses could also benefit from Practicology’s expertise and experience. We put feet on the ground, and our growing Australian team - split between offices in Sydney and Melbourne includes Aussies, Brits and Canadians.

Since then, clients across Europe and North America have come to Practicology because of our unique proposition. They choose us because of what we’ve learnt in the UK, one of the most developed digital economies in the world, and our consultants have worked in clients’ premises everywhere from Switzerland to Sweden.

We sell knowledge and experience

Our business is the sum of our people, and along the way Practicology has recruited consultants who’ve worked for some of the best and most innovative consumer brands including Ocado, Harrods, Burberry, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Toptable, Boden, William Hill, ASOS, Dixons Retail and Autotrader.co.uk.

We focus on our clients' success

Each member of staff is an individual. But what has driven us all to join the team is a desire to support our clients in a way we would want to be supported if we were still in their shoes.

That’s the definition of a Practicologist, and it will remain so as our story continues to evolve.

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