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The Solution

At the turn of the century many high street retailers were unconvinced that online retail could reach even 25% of their total sales. A decade later and now many are preparing for 50% or more of their sales to be online. For etailers, a similar process has taken place where many now derive more online sales from outside the UK than they do from their domestic customer base.

This continual evolvement of the retail financial model, driven by changes in consumer behaviour and technological developments to support that, creates both threats and opportunities. With a number of consultants having worked in the ecommerce and digital space since the 90s, we have the experience to help you adapt to change and plan for the future.

In practice this means forecasting how quickly a brand’s sales will move online, based on its own data alongside our knowledge of competitors and the wider retail industry. We advise our clients as their systems, processes and people all evolve to support the growth of online, so that as their customers’ behaviour changes they are still able to meet their needs.

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