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Online retailing has many measures, but it is not always clear which multichannel KPIs are crucial to overall sales and profits. Our clients regularly ask us what conversion rate, customer retention rate or digital marketing ROI they should be aiming for.

We can work with your portfolio businesses to identify the multichannel KPIs they should be focusing on, and benchmarks for what good looks like in terms of the metrics they achieve. If they are struggling to hit some of these, we can audit the appropriate area of the business – whether it’s site, operational or marketing-related - and suggest quick wins as well as longer-term improvements to get the numbers where they need to be.

In fact, we’ve even run role-play sessions of how to run an effective web trading meeting. This helps our clients to understand how the monitoring and use of the right multichannel KPIs can give a business a strong trading focus. In addition, we’ve helped clients to adopt dashboards and automated reports that make accessing actionable insight as simple as possible.

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