Practicology is now Pattern

By Joanna Perry | Head of Marketing

The newly refitted Oasis flagship store opened its doors at the start of March 2015, promising significant developments in its use of technology. The retailer has already been at the forefront of multichannel innovation, so I went along to take a look at all the store has to offer.

Hash Ladha, COO of Oasis, has been quoted as saying the Argyll Street Oasis flagship store is striving for an “unrivalled shopping experience”.

From the outside and inside alike, the store has been made to resemble a wonderland-style garden, providing a sense of calm and tranquillity. Ladha refers to retail as an art and the store as a theatre, and this was evident.

Oasis flagship store makeover – a mystery shopper’s view

The mannequins were all placed in fenced gardens, which gave the sense that the products were being showcased, and reminded me distinctly of Desperate Housewives. And the wall beside the escalator was lined with frames of moving pictures, in a very “Hogwarts-esque” demonstration of technology.

My research into the Oasis flagship had uncovered an interesting idea around payment options; customers can pay for their items served by staff using iPads inside the changing rooms. I tried an item on then displayed my intention to purchase, in the hope that they would invite me to use the new feature as a fuss-free way to pay. No such luck.


Oasis flagship store makeover – a mystery shopper’s view

Perhaps the portable payment option is only really necessary on a very busy day when the store want to cut down on queues at their till points. However, as the changing-room attendant was holding an iPad, I was a little disappointed not to be offered “the fun way to pay”.

The other initiative the Oasis flagship has introduced in its changing rooms is “The Library”. This is essentially a luxurious waiting room, targeted at men whose companions are trying on what probably feels - to them - like the entire shop, and I think it’s a great idea. How often does it seem like the shoe section of a store is full of men taking up all the stools while they wait for their partners? Problem solved!


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