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By Charlie Bevis | Senior Consultant

Practicology works with a catalogue of brands on building their Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas marketing strategies. Below, Senior Consultant Charlie Bevis has put together a ‘Last Minute Checklist’ to ensure you make the most of the ‘Big Weekend’.

Mobile Targeting

Over 76% of traffic on Black Friday 2016 was non-desktop with 65% on mobile. Even if mobile hasn't performed well in non-offer periods it is likely to be key now. UK mobile sales started to peak between 8am and 12pm on Black Friday 2016 and were around 30% higher than desktop during these hours. With this in mind, review your current mobile targeting and ensure you’re ready to fight for your share of the Black Friday mobile market.

Ads & Creative

Enticing creative will be paramount to standing out in a crowded marketplace and a must for those trying to attract even the most shrewd ‘deal hunters’. Using messages such as ‘Free Gift Wrapping’, and ‘Free Shipping’ alongside your best deals will ensure you are as competitive as possible. On an operational note, upload your ads a few days before you intend to activate them and set them to 'paused. This will stop them being delayed by the myriad of approval processes on the day and they will go directly in to rotation when set live.

Our last minute digital marketing Black Friday Checklist

Accelerated delivery across PPC campaigns

If you’ve got the budget you will want to capitalise on every single opportunity over the peak period. Running ads with accelerated delivery will ensure that you are showing for as many of the eligible searches as possible. Of course, not everyone has the budget for this but if you can, you should.

Increase budget caps across your paid channels

If you implement accelerated delivery during high interest periods you run the risk of running out of budget earlier in the day. Increase your budget caps to ensure that ads are shown throughout the day and do not stop showing at key points. This is particularly important on PPC Brand and any re-targeting activities where conversion rates are likely to be higher.

Black Friday Competition

It goes without saying, as Black Friday nears competitors will start to increase their bids and jostle for top spots / key placements. Factor this into your strategy and be prepared to pay more than usual. Maximise your chances with enticing creative and seasonal messaging, not forgetting to optimise your bids by device and time to make the most of your spend.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday will need significantly higher budgets than the rest of any normal week. Don't rely completely on an automation platform to allocate a weekly budget correctly. You don’t want to accidently burn half of your weekly budget by Wednesday…

If you’d like to find out more about developing marketing strategies for peak periods, or to discuss your Black Friday and Cyber Monday results, please get in touch.