Kathmandu : [Case] study

We've helped Kathmandu improve its CRM activity

Challenge : [Client] concerns

Kathmandu is a leading international multichannel retailer of clothing and equipment for travel and adventure, with over a hundred stores spread across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

The company launched its Summit Club loyalty programme way back in 1994, but by 2012 decided that it needed to review and substantially improve its customer relationship activities.

Approach : [How] we worked

Practicology approached the challenge of Kathmandu’s CRM activity by first looking at how Kathmandu appeared online. We then analysed marketing, transactional and other site analytics data in order to see how customers were responding.

From here we segmented Kathmandu’s customer data, based on factors such as recency, frequency, and lifetime value of each customer. The customer segments developed through this exercise were used to inform all areas of Kathmandu’s online business; from marketing to product range and price.

This led to Practicology working further with Kathmandu in other customer-focused areas, covering all areas of digital marketing. For instance, we've helped the brand to develop partnerships with relevant third parties, to display Kathmandu product ads on the websites of travel companies and outdoor experiences.

Results : [What] we achieved

With regards to the initial challenge, the thorough and detailed process of analysis delivered by Practicology’s trading team has helped Kathmandu to establish who its target audience is, and how to go about successfully marketing to them.

In addition, on a retained basis, Practicology now helps Kathmandu to maintain a strong presence in digital marketing; engaging in paid search, retargeting and an affiliate programme among other activity.

Testimonials : [What] they say

We are delighted that Practicology is now a key partner to Kathmandu - the relationship that we hold with them feels much more akin to an extension of our own team, rather than that held with a third-party agency. Our combined focus on continuous improvement and driving results from our digital marketing activity has unquestionably given us the confidence to engage them on a long-term basis. On a personal level we enjoy working with Practicology and appreciate its robust brand, retail & most importantly customer-centric focus, which provides reliable down-to-earth guidance in the context of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Alex Fisher - General Manager Europe - Kathmandu

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