Thomas Pink : [Case] study

How Practicology helped Thomas Pink gain 12.8% more online orders

Challenge : [Client] concerns

Thomas Pink is the leading international luxury shirt brand with over 80 stores globally as well as its website

The brand wanted to drive more sales online, but needed support to understand possible changes it could make to its website, and how to test its ideas. Thomas Pink was happy with the traffic coming to its site, so to increase sales it needed to focus on converting more visitors into paying customers.

Approach : [How] we worked

Practicology’s in-depth study of Thomas Pink’s customer data - including analytics, consumer surveys and onsite questions - helped to shape the idea for the tests. We also gained insight from studies of in-store shopping behaviour, where it was clear that store visitors who were assisted in the fitting room, were more likely to make a purchase.

Based on this, and the knowledge that a large percentage of the customer base is made up of repeat customers, we developed a Shirt Finder tool to test on the homepage. The idea was to allow customers to quickly and easily get from the homepage to specific styles and colours of shirt.

This was A/B tested – so we could determine how it changed the behaviour of site visitors, compared to leaving the homepage as it was previously.

Results : [What] we achieved

The new and improved homepage was tested on 136,000 visitors to Thomas Pink’s website over 30 days. The test confirmed that the shirt finder was a success, making the site quicker and easier for customers to use.

The figures speak for themselves, with the version of the homepage with the shirt finder tool recording:

  • A 12.8% increase in orders compared to the previous version
  • Revenue up by 11.6%
  • Growth of 14.2% in revenue/conversion

Enhancing the user experience by giving customers a quicker route to the product they knew they wanted, translated into the uplift in sales Thomas Pink had hoped to achieve.

Testimonials : [What] they say

Sales quickly started to exceed forecast and the extra revenue gave immediate payback on Practicology’s fees. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Practicology again, or to recommend them to other retailers looking to improve their ecommerce channel.

Peter Mila - Thomas Pink

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