Practicology is now Pattern

By Joanna Perry | Global Head of Marketing

We've published Tmall best practice trading advice in our latest piece of insight into the China ecommerce market. Available for free download now, the Tmall Trading Guide collates our experiences from supporting brands selling on Tmall and Tmall Global; including learnings from trading through the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

Download the guide now to read Tmall best practice trading advice, including:

  • Why a data-driven approach to Tmall trading is crucial to delight both your customers and the platform;
  • The datapoints that are crucial to manage key stakeholders' expectations for China and ensure strategic alignment with your Tmall Trade Partner;
  • Trading cadence, and the growing importance of 6.18 Festival as a testing ground for your 11.11 approach;  
  • How sales growth has slowed through COVID-19, and the key promotional events to re-establish trading momentum;
  • Leveraging Tmall's livestreaming and micro-blogging functionality to engage customers
  • Demand generation techniques using off-platform marketing channels such as Weibo, RED, Douyin/Tiktok and offline marketing campaigns.

 Alibaba is actively seeking new high-quality brands - from a wider range of markets and categories - to launch on Tmall Global. While the marketplace's total GMV continues to grow, competition will increase too, and individual brands must ensure trading and demand generation excellence to maintain their marketshare.

Download our free guide now for Tmall best practice trading advice based on the strategy and technqiues we've employed to keep the brands we trade in China growing through 2020. 

For enquiries about how we could support your brand on Tmall, or press requests for comment on Tmall or ecommerce in China please contact us at  


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