Practicology is now Pattern

The Solution

There can be many reasons why you need to ask this question – you may want to introduce multichannel services such as click and collect, be setting up localised international websites or launching completely new product categories or services. All these developments can place different demands on your existing systems.

Auditing your systems and assessing whether they can meet the future challenges of your business requires more than a simple assessment of the technology. We can help you to define your strategy, and assess your data, business processes and skills alongside your systems to help determine a plan of action to take your business forwards.

We are 100% platform and vendor independent, and only concerned with finding the best solution for your business. So, if we do find that your current technology is good enough for the future, then we have no incentive to encourage you to waste budget on replacing systems. Instead we may suggest changes to your business processes or teams in order to maximise the potential of the development you want to make.

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