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Although some businesses are lucky enough to have backers with deep profits and patience, most retailers are required to demonstrate online commercial performance to generate cash and profits. In many cases the site will need to positively contribute to the top and bottom line of a wider multichannel business.

Clearly there is no simple fix for improving an ecommerce or multichannel profit and loss, but we can work with investors – and directly with the business’s management team - to review all aspects of the operation and look for improvements. We can benchmark the brand’s digital commercial performance and operation against the key competition; and may recommend changes to the site experience, digital marketing or online trading tactics being used.

We have experience across a wide variety of retail and other consumer verticals, and so we understand the nuances of online trading and the levers that can impact commercial performance. Our unique proposition means that we are agnostic as to how sales or profit improvements are achieved – we can offer advice, interim resource or train your staff to help them make improvements themselves.

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