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Customer-centric transformation means different things to different people. At Practicology, we believe it encompasses any programme of work to reorient a business to better understand and serve the needs of its customers.

Our ecommerce and multichannel heritage leaves us well placed to support retailers, consumer brands and other kinds of businesses who want to become more customer-centric in how they operate. We normally begin with a review of your current operation and look at your business through the eyes of your customers, to help identify quick wins as well as to inform more substantial and strategic changes that may be required.

Practicology delivers world-class strategy but, unlike many other strategy consultancies, we don’t walk away once the PowerPoint presentations have been delivered. We prefer to work with our clients to execute on our advice and help them bring their whole business on the journey too.

In fact, our founder Martin Newman believes in customer-centric strategies so much that he has even written a book on the subject, with 100 tips for consumer businesses of all types to help them think about how they put the customer at the heart of their business decision-making.

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