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Retailers are always conscious of the experience they provide to customers and it is important to offer a seamless journey across multiple channels and devices.

Our customer experience review provides you with an end-to-end audit of the website and omnichannel experience, focussing on mobile, desktop and stores. We use a rigorous 300-point checklist to evaluate sub-sections of the customer experience, scoring and benchmarking each criterion. These include brand and identity, navigation, omnichannel performance, product selection and merchandising, checkout process, and site speed.

We have a wealth of tools at our disposal to carry out a thorough audit of your site, including user testing, questionnaires and heatmapping.

Based upon the results of the audit, we provide you with a series of recommendations to boost growth. These are outlined in a prioritised roadmap that focuses on the impact, effort and cost of implementing changes.

We can also develop prototypes and produce wireframes to bring UX recommendations to life ahead of redesign and implementation phase.

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