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International ecommerce can be a huge driver of online revenues for retailers and brands. Practicology can assess your internal set-up and resources, and scope out a plan with realistic cost implications and timescales for launch. The assessment would include a thorough landscape analysis to determine the most appropriate markets for you to target.

From there we would work with you to build an international P&L together with a realistic roadmap for launch. We can also advise on local marketing best practice and pricing and merchandising strategies for each market.

For more advanced retailers, or those already selling internationally, we can support a localisation strategy. From currency options, translation, colloquial language to trading calendars and marketing trends, we can guide and prepare your team for trading websites that are targeting consumers in other markets.

By carrying out a feasibility study, we can also help you decide on an operating model for your overseas business or devise a strategy for going direct-to-consumer.

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