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Is your brand ready for marketplace expansion?

10.11.2021 - By Lara Jelowicki

Four questions to help you determine whether your brand is ready to launch on international marketplaces.

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We are perfectly placed to support private equity investors with formal due diligence and other pre-deal services that require expert omnichannel retail or ecommerce knowledge. Similarly, we work with investors post-deal to help their portfolio businesses define and execute strategies to maximise their global online growth potential.

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How can I understand the online sales potential of a business I want to invest in?

You may be eyeing a retailer or brand that’s showing double-digit online sales growth, but what could be achieved with more investment, changes to the site or wider multichannel operation? Modelling online sales potential requires a financial eye combined with strong industry knowledge to sense check the forecasts.

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What can be done to improve the commercial performance of a retail or consumer brand business I have invested in?

Although some businesses are lucky enough to have backers with deep profits and patience, most retailers are required to demonstrate online commercial performance to generate cash and profits. In many cases the site will need to positively contribute to the top and bottom line of a wider multichannel business.

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Which KPIs really measure success for a multichannel business?

Our clients regularly ask us which key performance indicators, including conversion rate, customer retention rate or digital marketing metrics are crucial to their current and future sales and profitability.

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What percentage of our portfolio company's sales should be online now, and in the medium and longer term?

At the turn of the century many high street retailers were unconvinced that online retail could reach even 25% of their total sales. A decade later and now many are preparing for 50% or more of their sales to be online. For etailers, a similar process has taken place where many now derive more online sales from outside the UK than they do from their domestic customer base.

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How do we prioritise investments to drive international growth?

The development roadmap for ecommerce is often a cause of conflict, especially when there is a need to drive international growth. In any large retail or consumer business there will be a range of conflicting priorities, often being championed by different parts of the business.

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