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Social media is now a mature channel and an increasingly important part of retailers' and consumer brands' marketing, PR and customer service activities. A clear retail social media strategy is an effective and low-cost way to acquire and maintain relationships with your customers.

Practicology offers a range of social media services to retailers and other consumer brands:

Social Media Strategy - The way consumers interact with retailers on social media has changed and it’s important to have a strategy in place that reflects this. Our team have the expertise to align your social media strategy to wider business objectives, both for the short and longer term.

Social Media Audit - We can help you gain a clear view of how your current social media activity is performing against competitors and industry leaders across both marketing-driven and customer service activity.

Ongoing Community Management - Practicology can act as your retained retail social media partner, assuming responsibility for part or all of the day to day social media planning and community management. We offer this service alongside or independently from our other retained trading and marketing services.

In addition to the above we can support tactical social media campaigns, offer advice on integrated marketing campaigns including social media elements and also include social media within our wider marketing audit service.

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