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How can I make our ecommerce team more commercially focused?

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Where your ecommerce team members have come from technical or marketing backgrounds, there can sometimes be a lack of commercial focus. Clients often raise this as an issue; not because their ecommerce team doesn’t have good, dedicated staff, but because it’s an area where skills and knowledge gaps quickly show.

With in-store retailing, primary focus is given to how much cash goes through the till, and how much it costs to get it there. But with online retailing there are so many other measures of success – site visitors, basket size, social media followers etc – that it can be hard to know what’s important to the overall top and bottom line. We’re able to help ecommerce teams to think and act like the traders that they need to be, because our consultants have traded websites themselves.

Through consulting and/or our training services we can support the change of culture and business processes within your team. At the same time, we regularly put one of our consultants on-site with your team for a period of time to act as a mentor, and to ensure that new ways of working are bedded in. Developing staff, rather than preaching at them, will provide results that very quickly show on your P&L.

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