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How do I know whether the people in my multichannel/ecommerce team are any good?

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Assessing the performance of your colleagues and teams is a delicate task that can leave people feeling anxious and under pressure. But at the same time, you need to know whether your business is performing as well as it can, and assess skills-gaps and future staff needs.

Having all worked in retail head offices, our consultants have been through these type of consultancy or agency-led reviews themselves. We understand the sensitivity that is required and always try to include our clients’ teams in the process that makes them feel they are involved and have a voice. Instead of a blame culture, we try to work with teams for the benefit of all.

Practicology regularly conducts digital marketing, data, technology, operational and customer experience audits. We always highlight existing good practice and look to make suggestions for improvements rather than merely pointing out faults.  Our training offer complements this, helping you to develop the skills your business needs; and making your staff feel valued, developed and invested in.

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