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You may have seen competitors or peers change their businesses or launch new services and be unsure how to respond. Or your own sales may have taken a dip and you don’t know the right course of action to turn things around.

There can be many reasons to engage a consultancy in order to review your business and make suggestions about how to take things forward. But in a multichannel world, with quickly evolving customer behaviour, you need to make sure that you work with a partner who understands the market dynamics and has real experience of implementing the different actions you could take.

That’s our strength as a business. We’ve launched ecommerce sites, multichannel services, CRM and loyalty programmes, and made ranging and merchandising decisions in our previous roles, not just advised others on what to do. That real-life experience means we give practical advice and, where possible, support you as you implement our ideas.  

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House of Fraser Consulting

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Practicology is an independent ecommerce consultancy with a global footprint. We are different from most ecommerce consultancies for a number of reasons, but the most important one is… we’ve all done the job

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