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How can I build a CRM programme that doesn’t just give away margin?

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Engaging and retaining your existing customers should be the most cost-effective way of making online sales. Many consumer businesses have launched loyalty schemes to encourage existing customers to keep spending with them, but to get the best payback you must make intelligent use of the data you collect in return for the incentives you provide to scheme members.

Whether you want to launch an official loyalty scheme or not, we can help you to assess the data you currently collect on customers. From here we would make recommendations on additional data that would be helpful in order to segment your customer base and market to them in a way that is likely to generate a positive response.

Not all customers require discounts in order to be motivated to shop with you. And once you sell via multiple channels the job of understanding what your customers want becomes more complex. But until you segment your customers and begin to interpret their previous behaviour to help you understand how to engage with them, you are likely to give away margin you don’t need to.  

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