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Where should I spend my marketing budget to maximise ROI?

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The proliferation of options can make planning digital marketing activity a daunting prospect, particularly for our smaller clients. Although, by its nature, it is relatively easy to track the performance of digital marketing, businesses worry whether they are getting value for money and often see results start to slide if they stick with the same marketing mix for too long.

We have experience of planning and executing digital marketing programmes on behalf of our clients. Our marketing-focused consultants have also all run digital marketing in previous roles working for retailers. So they understand your challenges and pressures, and also have experience of managing other specialist external digital marketing agencies.

After conducting an audit of your current marketing activity, we can provide you with an analysis of your current performance benchmarked against what we think it is possible to achieve. We may make suggestions to changes to your marketing mix to optimise your ROI, and introduce you to new marketing options that could complement your existing activity. In addition we can train your own marketing staff to improve their skills and performance.

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Practicology is an independent ecommerce and multichannel consultancy with a global footprint. We are different from most consultancies for a number of reasons, but the most important one is… we’ve all done the job.

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