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Why aren’t we getting the results we expected from our PPC ads?

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Search engine marketing is an extremely competitive and evolving area, so proactive and nuanced management of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is required in order not to waste budget. The reasons why PPC ads don’t perform as expected can be several, and are often not to do with the ads themselves.

We regularly conduct PPC reviews for our customers looking at all aspects of the running of your PPC account, competitor analysis, plus landing pages; and how joined up your site merchandising and trading processes are with search engine marketing. There can be a variety of quick wins, such as improving negative keywords, generic keyword analysis and improving landing pages for visitors that arrive on your site after clicking on an ad.

As well as conducting PPC reviews, we also manage search engine marketing on behalf of clients, either as a standalone service or as part of a wider marketing or trading proposition. But unlike other agencies, all of our PPC specialists have worked in retail digital marketing teams. They understand product ranges, customer behaviour and how PPC should support wider marketing and online trading initiatives. This makes us uniquely well-placed to improve your search engine marketing performance.

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Practicology is an independent ecommerce and multichannel consultancy with a global footprint. We are different from most consultancies for a number of reasons, but the most important one is… we’ve all done the job.

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