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How can I make my website more user-friendly?

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Persuasive yet intuitive design and helpful content improve the user experience, which should have a knock-on positive effect on the percentage of online visitors who convert, and therefore on your sales and profitability.  But where do you start with making changes to your site without risking the sales that you are already making?

We would tackle this challenge by looking at what happens on your current website now, tracking user behaviour, and presenting you with results showing where you are losing site visitors before they make a purchase. We can combine this with analysis of your customer base to create customer personas that you should be targeting with any changes that you make.

Once you understand both where the problems are on your site, and the type of consumers who you should be targeting with your site experience, we can make recommendations about changes to test. We may recommend you improve your customer journey, product descriptions, simplify your checkout or improve your navigation to make products easier to find. If you require, we can provide all the designs and content for the tests and run them for you.

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