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How do we deal with the growing traffic to our website from mobile devices?

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Tablets, smartphones, phablets, touch-screen laptops and other internet-enabled wearable devices mean that serving your customer online has become a more complex business. The growth of mobile provides an opportunity, but many retailers have seen conversion rates dip as consumers come to their websites using devices which do not display them well.

Our web analytics team can audit the traffic to your site, identify what type of mobile devices are being used and help you understand the tasks and journeys those visitors are taking. At this stage we would provide a list of quicker fix improvements that could be made to your site, as well as a recommendation for whether a responsive site and/or mobile app is appropriate if you do not already have one.

Responsive website design allows your customers to view a well-designed, intuitive version of your site whatever type of device they are using. We can either design a new website from scratch, or retrofit a responsive version of your current design. Our expertise in usability and conversion rate optimisation means we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, and can continue to optimise the on-site experience as your mobile traffic make-up continues to evolve.

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