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What % of my sales should be coming from tablets and smartphones?

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We’ve all read headlines of retailers who are already seeing more than half of their sales coming from smartphone and tablet devices. But mobile strategy and usability are only emerging areas; so there is little in the way of benchmarks or best practice for the rest of industry to follow.

Combining our knowledge of mobile strategy, commercial planning and analytics, we can help you understand the impact that mobile is already having on your sales and wider business, and the opportunity from further investment in this area.

We can audit your customer experience and provide guidance as to the changes you could make and the uplift you can expect to achieve. At the same time, an optimised mobile experience is becoming increasingly important to your visibility in Google, and our search engine optimisation experts can advise you on what you need to do to keep up with these changes to make it as easy as possible for mobile consumers to find your site.

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