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Should we sell our products on marketplaces as well as/instead of on our own website?

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The huge pull that major marketplaces provide in terms of consumer traffic means that we are often asked by retailers and brands whether they should have a presence on sites such as eBay, Amazon and TMall among others. Unfortunately there are no simple answers, but we can analyse your markets, pricing, customer base and competitors to help you weigh up your options.

Answering this question may require the assistance of our strategy experts and/or our international experts. Whether you are thinking about marketplaces for your domestic or international market, we can help you make a decision and pinpoint which marketplace could be right for your brand.

Once you’ve reached a decision, if you want to go ahead and launch on a marketplace we can provide support with onboarding and content creation that meets the marketplace’s standards. In addition, once you’ve been trading on a marketplace for a period of time we help you analyse the success of the strategy and whether it is creating incremental revenue and engaging new customers rather than just giving away margin.

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