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We’re a brand – how can we start selling direct to consumers online?

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The internet gives brand owners the chance to have direct transactional relationships with consumers, often for the first time. But selling to consumers is quite different from managing wholesale accounts; so where do you start?

Our heritage, with all of our consultants having worked in retail head offices, means that we are well equipped to help with this challenge and support you at every stage of launching an online direct-to-consumer proposition. We can assist with strategy, commercial planning and selecting the right platform, customer services and logistics providers; and our creative team can support website design and content creation.

Once you are ready to launch, we can provide trading and marketing support on an ongoing basis, or as interim measure while you build your own team. Finally our team of consultants can train your staff, helping them understand the commercial culture they need to develop, as well as equipping them with the industry knowledge and skills to maximise the potential of your opportunity.

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Practicology is an independent ecommerce consultancy with a global footprint. We are different from most ecommerce consultancies for a number of reasons, but the most important one is… we’ve all done the job

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