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What level of localisation do I need for international sites?

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The most advanced retailers selling online internationally are pursuing a strategy of localisation, creating dedicated websites and marketing plans that address the needs of consumers in different markets. It’s sensible to give consumers what they want, but there are obvious cost and other operational implications of running multiple sites, in different languages, with potentially different merchandise and marketing for each market too.

We can help you assess the level of localisation that will maximise sales and is right for your customers and brand; from currency options and colloquial language, trading calendars and marketing trends. Our experienced team of international ecommerce consultants will look at your current online set-up and resources, and suggest a localisation strategy that factors in realistic cost implications and timescales for launch.

Our team can also help further to launch, by providing marketing support – including advice on optimising your appearance in different countries’ search engines. Where you don’t have a physical presence in-country, this is particularly important to help consumers in new territories discover your brand. 

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