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How can we understand the value of each sales channel?

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Attribution modelling has become an important topic for multichannel retailers to help them understand which channels really drive sales in their business, and what the impact will be of changing things.

In a multichannel world, it’s no longer as simple as “Where was the purchase made?” Services that combine channels – such as click & collect – and more complex customer behaviour means that it can take more than one channel to make a sale. So to understand each sales channel we would use your customer and online analytics data, compared with financial information on each sales channel, to create a model that gives genuine insight into your sales channels.

It may result in you apportioning more marketing budget to mobile site development, as it helps drive traffic into stores; or have a better understanding of how to incentivise store staff to encourage customers to shop online too. Once we’ve created the model we can help you analyse the results and come to conclusions on what your strategic roadmap should contain.

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