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Which multichannel services will improve our sales or profits?

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Multichannel services including click & collect, in-store ordering, collection lockers, iBeacons, mobile apps and same-day delivery are just some of the developments that retailers can invest in. However, our clients often have concerns about which developments will be adopted by customers and provide a return, and which are more hype than substance.

Each new technology or customer experience development carries with it certain financial and reputational risks. Our broad knowledge of industry developments and outcomes are combined with our ability to segment and analyse your specific customer segments. This means we can help you come up with answers for what is right for your business and your customers, with thought given to your existing infrastructure and capabilities.

As customer behaviour continues to quickly evolve, retailers are often left in a situation where they are playing catch-up. In such an environment, combined with intense competitive pressures, it is inevitable that you will have to roll-out new and upgraded services. We can give you the confidence to do this in a cost-effective manner with a focus on your overall customer experience.

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