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How can we develop business cases for technology investment that will convince all stakeholders?

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Finding the right technology is only ever half the battle. You then need to convince senior stakeholders of the business benefit from what can be a significant investment. This can be a particular challenge with ecommerce technology, where return on investment models are less well established.

Our mixture of technology audit and selection skills, combined with commercial planning skills, mean that we can help you properly cost projects, and estimate the likely benefits to your business. We may advise you to run customer research, or analyse your data to estimate how a change in your proposition could positively impact sales. And we can educate senior stakeholders on ecommerce and multichannel developments through training, so they fully understand the competitive, and quickly developing, environment you are working in.

At the same time, with all of our consultants having worked in head office positions with major retailers, we can help you to pitch your plans to stakeholders who may not have intimate knowledge of technology or ecommerce. Simply, we can help to create a business case that is backed up by sound financials in the language that your business speaks.

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