Practicology is now Pattern

By Joanna Perry | Global Head of Marketing

Our European Amazon sales approach Christmas peak trading levels while home leisure demand drives search volumes

The latest weekly European Amazon sales figures and insight from Practicology – a Pattern company demonstrates how the marketplace is holding up to huge increases in demand in key categories.

Our total European Amazon sales are now approaching our biggest week last year, which took place during the pre-Christmas peak trading period. Despite the different restrictions in place in each European country from both governments and Amazon, our sales volumes rose for all six European Amazon instances last week.

At the same time, our latest search volumes insight shows the purchases UK consumers prioritised in March, as the country was first urged to work from home, followed by the formal lockdown measures that were put in place.

From our European Amazon sales data for last week we note the following week-on-week results:

  • Sales volumes rose substantially in all six countries: the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and Italy;
  • Of our five largest markets, Italy saw the largest volume increase at 130%. The market with the least volume growth – Spain – still saw an impressive 26% rise;
  • The majority of our products are still being prioritised for shipment into Amazon’s warehouses, and for Fulfilment By Amazon too: even in France and Italy, the markets with the most restrictions. Our sales revenue rose by 149% in Italy and 45% in France;
  • Sessions by European Amazon customers shopping for our products also rose in all six markets; up an average 25% overall, with UK sessions up the most at 34% growth.

How Amazon UK search terms changed during March

Comparing the first week of the month to the last, we can see shifts in consumers' priorities as awareness around Covid-19 grows and lockdown kicks in. Looking at the top 30 search terms for the first and last weeks of March, we can see a shift away from hand gels and masks, into more practical items as consumers adapted to working at home.

Desks and laptops both entered the top 30 searched terms for that reason. However, UK consumers have also been thinking about how to fill their leisure time.

Sports and exercise equipment searches surged

Tokyo 2020 may have been postponed, but the UK was still keen to stay fighting fit.  From resistance bands to yoga mats and dumbbells (the 5th, 8th and 9th most searched items, respectively) to hardcore weights, demand for at-home fitness equipment had a significant impact on search trends.

Search terms for Garden & Outdoors products increased ten-fold from the beginning of March, partly as consumers sought to find products that would ensure their kids were exercising too. Garden toys, trampolines for kids and outdoor toys all make the top 100 search terms.

It's not just the kids that need entertaining

It’s no surprise that by the final week of March, terms such as Lego and Nintendo Switch had entered the top 30 as parents looked for ways to keep children amused who were no longer in school. However, adults were seeking engaging and stimulating ways to pass the time too.

During the last week of March, searches for painting by numbers products for adults reached the top 15 search terms across the platform. Jigsaw puzzles for adults was the 6th most searched term, and ‘paint by numbers for adults’ was the 14th most searched term. Other terms that made the top 100 included ‘colouring books for adults’ and ‘board games adult’.

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