Practicology is now Pattern

By Joanna Perry | Global Head of Marketing

Pattern able to support brands impacted by the Amazon pan-European FBA changes and EFN arrangements in the UK and Europe

Practicology’s parent company Pattern has outlined its preparations for Brexit in response to the announcement regarding Amazon pan-European FBA and EFN arrangements set to take effect from the end of 2020.

Amazon has announced that goods in its UK fulfilment centres will no longer be used to fulfil orders from Amazon’s other European instances, as currently occurs through EFN (European Fulfilment Network). At the same time, stock that brands send to Amazon’s UK warehouses will no longer be eligible for pan-European FBA.

Brands who want to continue selling their products on Amazon in both the UK and Amazon’s five other European instances will need to split their inventory and ship stock into warehouses in both the UK and at least one other European country from January 1st 2021, when the Amazon pan-European FBA changes will take effect.

Pattern is the authorised Amazon Seller for more than a dozen brands in Europe; and has prepared for this change with warehouses up and running in both the UK and Netherlands to support our European operations. We already split our stock and ship into Amazon’s fulfilment centres in the UK and mainland Europe, and are ready for these changes to be made at the end of the year.

Pattern GM Europe Nicola Hollow says: “These logistics changes have the potential to close the doors to Amazon’s EU customer base for brands who are based in the UK and only have the capability to send product to the marketplace’s UK fulfilment centres. We would welcome any brand who has concerns about how they will continue to sell through Amazon across Europe to contact us to discuss how we could support them.”

At the same time, this change highlights the requirement for brands to work with partners who have deep experience of trading online on Amazon in multiple European markets. Our European team contains native ecommerce experts from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and other European countries, enabled by Pattern’s proprietary Amazon trading and marketing platform Predict.

Our model ensures that our brand partners’ product content, Amazon SEO strategy and marketing is not just translated, but also optimised for each market to take into account differences in customer behaviour.

Nicola Hollow continues: “In addition to our pan-European logistics capability, our end-to-end Amazon offer enables us to help brands quickly expand into Europe. Brands can maximise their sales across Europe with little internal resource required and benefit from our market-leading product content, Amazon marketing and customer service capability; with the added bonus that we buy their stock as part of our Amazon Seller model.”

Our recent Amazon Benchmarking Report highlighted how brands selling on Amazon in the UK are often not localising their product listings for Amazon Germany, though they are spending money to promote them. When we compared each brand’s presence on and only 28% of brands were localising all product content to a best practice standard for Germany, though 54% of brands were sponsoring products to boost them in search results.

The Amazon Benchmarking Report is available for free download here.

If you are a brand selling in Europe and would like to discuss the upcoming Amazon pan-European FBA changes please contact our European team in London at  


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