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By Sam Gaunt | Marketing Manager

More than ever before, brands have the ability to connect with potential customers through their social media channels.

Utilising Facebook and Instagram Marketing Tools, businesses can target exactly who they want to talk to, when and where. While these options provide infinite possibilities for how we all communicate with our target audience, it shouldn’t come at the expense of when and how often, and just like any relationship the needier you are, the less appealing you become.

Keep calm, you’ll be friends soon enough

Would you accept a proposal on the first date? Discuss the size of the house you’ll live in or the number of kids you want? Not likely, right? So, regarding a potential customer, you probably won’t successfully convert them into a loyal, return customer after your first interaction - you’ve got to work to gain their trust. In the retail world, particularly when it comes to discretionary items, there’s an oversupply of products, brands and services. This oversupply is creating a ‘noise’ like effect on your potential customer’s social feeds, and according to Salesforce, it takes 6 – 8 touchpoints for a customer to make a purchase online. Knowing this, each interaction you have with your audience needs to be genuine, considered and on-brand. 

More than just likes  How to generate a better relationship with your social followers

Make it count

Social media is a place where you can reach the most people, at the right time, so make every moment count! Here are a few tips to get you started;

Target your market

Use social media and site content remarketing to target potential customers with sales messaging and alerts to encourage engagement on all platforms.

Keep the conversation entertaining

Offer content that is aligned with your customers’ needs and wants. Think of topics they’re interested in, keeping in mind that they may not be specific to what you’re selling but aligned with your brand’s core values. Remember to keep it relevant, appropriate and timely - you don’t need to appeal to the masses, just connect with your audience through genuine content. 


Don’t be afraid to use your social channels to push content that’s sometimes unplanned - Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are excellent ways to provide your audience with a VIP, inside peek into the essence of your brand or business. 

The IN crowd

Align yourself with key influencers that resonate with your target market, who does your customer aspire to be like? Get your product in their hands. Showcase your brand in the best possible light and tell your target market who’s using your product/service and why.

Go the extra mile

Offer five-star customer service. Your social media account is the meeting place of your current and future customers, be informative and generous with your knowledge, take feedback with grace and always work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

If you would like Practicology to review your social media strategy please contact us today.


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