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By Sam Gaunt | Marketing Manager

If you’re a little bit behind in your planning, no need to panic, we’ve asked our brightest minds in multichannel retail how your brand can conquer Christmas in 2017…

It might be a few months away, but retail teams across Australia and the globe have been strategizing their Christmas trading plans for quite a while, and rightly so, with 20.4%*(and growing) of total digital sales coming from this time, it’s a crucial period on the retail calendar!

1. Know your customer

Understanding who your customer is can help your brand determine its product offering, promotions, marketing plans and much more. To help you gain a better understanding of who your customer is and how they shop at Christmas, start by asking yourself these questions;

  • Who is your customer?
  • How do they shop at Christmas?
  • Who do they shop for?
  • How can you reach them?

2. One team, one dream

It’s important to make it clear to your team what success looks like for your brand this Christmas. Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what the business’s overall objectives are, and ensure all functions (online and offline) are similarly aligned. For example, will all of your channels offer a similar shopping experience? It’s important that your whole team are singing from the same song sheet, so to speak. 

TIP: Create a daily reporting dashboard that can be easily distributed. This is an easy way to keep everyone in the loop and keep team morale high over a potentially stressful period.

3. The little things count

Making sure your functions are as organised as St. Nick on Christmas Eve will make a huge difference to your overall sales. Here’s a quick list of the little things that can make a big difference this Christmas;

  • Ensure extended trading hours are visible on your site, social channels and search sites.
  • Update store location info and store accessibility (parking!) online.
  • Communicate online delivery cut offs “Last day to order!”.
  • Easy to access returns and exchange policy (this is a given at all times, but especially for xmas!).

4. Right message, right place, right time

Making sure you acquire new customers and capture the attention of your existing audience over this busy time of year is crucial. Being one of the most important seasons in retail, communicating your Christmas offering through the right channels, at the right time, directed towards the right people can be the ultimate key to conversion. 

5. Fewer than five clicks

You’ve told them what to buy, now you’ve got to covert the sale. Ensuring your customer’s digital purchase journey is five or fewer clicks (to order confirmation) is industry standard, and also extremely helpful for your conversion rate. 

If you would like Practicology to review your business’s multichannel trading strategy, please contact us today.  

*Source: eMarketer, 2014.


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