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By Sam Gaunt | Marketing Manager

Practicology senior copywriter, Zoe Kenny, examines which retailers have gone the extra mile and truly embraced digital marketing with their Christmas advertising this year.

Long-gone are the days where brands have had to rely on billboards, a fleeting subliminal flash of an ad on the side of a passing bus, and reeling us in during prime-time viewing. Large retailers are opening their eyes, arms and marketing budgets to the far more accessible and interactive route. Choosing digital as the way forward.

As the battle of the Christmas ads continues, retailers are stepping up a gear with digital campaigns that invite their customers to interact, ensuring their ads aren’t just a one (or two) minute wonder.

Let’s look at some of the retailers and brands that are going the extra mile with their Christmas campaigns;

'All I Want Is UGG' festive social media campaign

US footwear firm UGG is using Facebook Messenger and a clever play-on-words to help its UGGboot-wearing-fans avoid unwanted gifts this year. They simply upload a photo of their (hopefully generous) loved-one with the details of the coveted UGGs in question. A Facebook messenger bot then works its magic to create a personalised video, which the creator then shares with the recipient by uploading to Facebook and tagging them. Thus, ensuring gifts under the tree are received by welcome arms this year, eliminating any shadow of doubt (and time in the dog-house).

Which Christmas ad campaigns have gone the extra mile with digital marketing

McDonald’s spreads some Christmas joy with the help of Amazon and augmented reality app Blippar

McDonald’s recently launched Christmas TV ad, tells the story of a lonely vintage wooden doll who watches the coming and goings in the McDonald’s opposite the Toy Shop she sits in the window of.

Alongside the ad, McDonald’s has teamed up with Amazon and Blippar. £10 Amazon gift cards can be found on augmented reality tray mats designed as advent calendars. Customers simply download Blippar, hold their phone over the tray mat and each day a door will open to reveal the surprise inside; the doors reveal avatars, games, camera filters and the chance to win the gift card. McDonald’s describes it as its “biggest campaign ever”.


Which Christmas ad campaigns have gone the extra mile with digital marketing

Agent Provocateur asks its customers if they’re ‘Naughty or Nice’ on Whatsapp

Agent Provocateur’s winter campaign prompts women to choose whether they have a naughty or nice personality – and this has nothing to do with which of Santa’s lists they qualify for. British actress, Juno Temple stars in an interactive video portraying the role of both personalities – one highly confident and knowing, the other more innocent and coquettish. The viewer can switch between both personalities by tapping their screen on a mobile or pressing the letter ‘N’ on a desktop keyboard.

It also plans to launch what Agent Provocateur is calling the world’s first ‘WhatsApp Ménage á Trois’ as part of the campaign. Customers and their lovers are invited to have a conversation with an AP agent to uncover their naughtiest, or possibly, nicest desires and develop a festive wish list. In a similar vein to the UGG campaign, it takes the guesswork out of gift buying.


Agent Provocateur Christmas ad

Lidl lets customers vote on Christmas prices

Christmas lobster was the first product to have its original price of £5.99 driven down to £2.99 by Lidl’s customer’s conversations on Twitter. Lidl’s social campaign allows shoppers to dictate the price of certain products over the festive period. 


Lidl Christmas ad campaign


Lidl clearly understands its customer, acknowledging that dropping prices at this extremely expensive time of year is the best gift it can give. It’s this type of recognition and empathy that will strike a chord with the people that count. They add up to make that all-important target market.

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