Consulting : [What] we offer

Our consulting services combine strategy with practical support for clients of all sizes and levels of digital maturity. We deploy the combined skills and experience of a team who’ve all worked in multichannel and ecommerce roles to advise you on your challenges, and then help you implement changes so your business can profitably grow.

Practicology ecommerce & multichannel consultancy services


We can help you answer the big questions about what, how and why you develop your ecommerce or multichannel business.

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Organisational Change

Redesigned team structures and processes can position your business to fully benefit from the changes in how consumers shop.

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Platform Selection

Have us guide you through the technology selection process and mitigate the risks of investment in new technology.

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Programme & Project Management

We can offer expert direction and support to our clients undertaking projects or change initiatives, whether large or small.

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Mobile Commerce Strategy

Ensure your business has a strategic vision and plan to respond to the huge growth in smartphone and tablet devices.

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Interim Ecommerce Resource

Our consultants can provide a wide variety of specialist skills, on the ground in your business, on a full or part-time basis.

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Commercial Planning

A rigorous financial plan, built on data and our market experience, underpins a successful ecommerce operation.

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International Ecommerce

We can scope global opportunities, and then define and help clients on the path to full localisation of their ecommerce offer.

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