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Retailers find that the right skills and knowledge are critical to their ability to deliver on growth plans. So our consultants provide interim cover for a number of client roles. They can act as UK Managing Director, Chief Customer or Digital Officer, Multichannel or Ecommerce Director, Head of Ecommerce or Digital Marketing as well as cover more junior marketing, trading, merchandising or project management roles.

Clients come to us with their interim digital and ecommerce resourcing issues for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they need to buy themselves some temporary breathing space when recruiting a permanent resource. Sometimes they have a need for specialist skills for a certain project. We provide this on a full or part-time basis, with our staff working wherever you need them to be. Generally our interim positions last between three to 12 months.

Working with Practicology means you have the reassurance that all of our consultants are used to working in retail ecommerce and multichannel departments, and fully understand the challenges of your business. You also get the benefit of being able to access our wider business, on demand.  

Interim Ecommerce Resource - Practicology Consultancy

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