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Big data, little data, whatever-you-want-to-call-it-data, our retail CRM and multichannel data services can help you make sense of the information you hold and create actionable insight to deliver value. We can help you put your customers’ wants and needs at the centre of every decision you make – empowering your ecommerce, marketing, buying and merchandising teams.

Before we undertake a multichannel retail CRM project, it’s vital that we understand your business goals and issues. Working with you, our aim is to assess how well your business is using data, what data sources there are and what value you want to drive from it.

After an initial audit, we aim to create a single view of your customers – either using your existing retail CRM technology or suggesting new systems – and build a segmentation strategy to drive sales and profits. Practicology also supports the use of retail CRM and customer data in your business on an ongoing basis.

We can dive deeply into your data, looking at KPIs such as customer churn, customer recruitment and customer profitability. The aim is to find a mixture of low-hanging fruit that can be quickly improved, and identify the higher branches and how to grow new trees.

And once you have a robust customer data integration in place, we can audit your existing business reports and offer you a full suite of new reports to track your KPIs and provide genuine actionable insight. In addition, we can recommend new KPIs, build dashboards to easily view your metrics and provide you with continuous improvement.

Retail CRM & Multichannel Data services

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