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Practicology’s ecommerce training gives you knowledge and practical skills to achieve your goals.

We offer a range of focused and world-leading courses, offering you the latest best practice from our own consultants, who have all spent significant time leading and working within ecommerce and multichannel businesses. They are highly knowledgeable about the day-to-day challenges of those in digital retail roles.

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Our Courses : [Learn] with us

Multichannel Retail: An introduction for beginners

Designed for junior and new staff members to introduce them to the wider elements of multichannel retailing beyond their own role.


Mobile Commerce for Senior Business Leaders

Practicology's mobile commerce course is aimed at senior retailers who need to understand how smartphones and tablets will impact their strategy.


How to Power Online Sales and Conversion

Power your sales with Practicology's online conversion training course, teaching your multichannel staff how to turn online browsers into buyers.


Online Marketing & Customer Acquisition

Teach multichannel and marketing staff the basics of online marketing channels, and how they complement each other, with this customer acquisition course.


Ecommerce Copywriting that Drives Sales

Our entry-level ecommerce copywriting course helps staff understand different types of compelling content, tone of voice and SEO techniques, to ultimately improve site traffic and sales conversion.


How to Retain and Engage Customers Online

For retailers to learn customer retention techniques, including CRM programme creation and the use of customer data.


Best Practice
Online Trading

Our best practice online trading training course teaches experienced staff from ecommerce teams how to maximise their online trading operation.


Multichannel Retail for Senior Business Leaders

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about multichannel retail and have been afraid to ask, delivered in our tailored one-day interactive course.


Google Analytics and Insight for Retailers

A Google Analytics training course created especially for retailers, to help ecommerce and marketing staff learn how to turn website data into insight.


Recently trained

All types of business turn to Practicology for their digital and multichannel training needs, including:

  • A global consumer electronics manufacturer
  • A small, luxury jewellery brand
  • A premium fashion brand
  • A large home & garden retailer
  • A multichannel department store group

Email for more details on upcoming courses or call us on +44 (0)20 7323 0539

In-Company Training : [We'll] come to you

As well as offering individual places on scheduled courses, we are also able to create and deliver bespoke training programmes to meet your requirements. Tailored training can be delivered to groups of your staff, at your premises, or an external location.

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Our Training Process

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Some 55% of UK ecommerce professionals in Cranberry Panda's 2015 Salary Survey said that formal and informal learning opportunities are essential or important to them in their roles.

Cranberry Panda - Ecommerce Salary Survey 2015

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