Evidence-based decision making is the backbone of ecommerce trading. More importantly and far more valuable, however, is ensuring you and your team know how to use Google Analytics, what ‘questions’ to ask of the data which is being recorded and how to make commercially sound trading decisions based on the findings.

This course covers the basics of the Google Analytics tool, and how to generate insight that will make a real difference to how you manage your website on a day to day basis. The course includes:

  • An overview of Google Analytics
  • How to set up tags to collect the appropriate data
  • KPIs that can be monitored with Google Analytics
  • More complex reports and their uses
  • How to incorporate GA insight into your day job
  • 23 April 2015
  • One Day Course, 09:30am - 05:00pm
  • Delivered at a Central London venue
  • Use of a tablet or laptop is optional

  • Introduction to Google Analytics and its core insights
  • Familiarity with the interface and how to use the tool & reports contained within it
  • Techniques used to measure activity online and understand the customer interactions
  • Reporting and understanding the customer flows
  • Setting KPIs and Events to analyse customer data deeper and use this information to drive improved trading decisions
  • A walk through the main dashboards and how to customise your own, to make your analysis quicker and better tailored

This Google Analytics course is for all marketing managers, digital executives or business people who are receiving or creating Google Analytics reports but do not know what ‘right’ looks like.

To attend the course requires you to have access to a fully working Google Analytics account for a website, preferably with ‘Admin’ access to the account.

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