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How to visually merchandise?

May 14th by Datasouth

Visual merchandising (VM) is a critical component of selling online. After all, this is an environment where the customer can’t touch or feel your apparel, accessories or footwear. If you have a…


What's in a name?

April 26th by Datasouth

What’s in a name?....Quite a lot actually I’ve always been more focused on my deliverables and measurement of my performance than my job title. However, in the world of online and multi channel…


Mind the gap, the skills gap that is

April 18th by Datasouth

Everyone knows that supply can’t meet demand when it comes to e-commerce roles. With retailers rationalising their store portfolios and focusing online this will only exacerbate the issue. And given the…


Article for Retail Week, August 2012

April 18th by Datasouth

In contrast to an irrelevant politician who expressed his displeasure with the Olympic opening ceremony, I thought it was pure genius. Danny Boyle’s narrative gave a really good high - level view of some…


Article for Retail Week, July 2012

April 18th by Datasouth

Mobile is redefining how consumers shop and engage with a brand, and many of us are now shopping on the go. Yet at least 50% of UK retailers still don’t have a mobile compatible site. Currys, and Dixons…


Insights - 01/02/2012

February 1st by Datasouth

Multi-Channel: Did you know that 69% of companies surveyed have only “just started developing” their multi-channel strategy? Of those companies which have started developing a multi-channel…



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