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Australian retailers: why are they behind the ecommerce curve?

July 9th by Datasouth

Australian retail has had it tough of late. Once mighty brands have even been brought to the brink by competition from overseas retailers as Australians buy products online more cheaply from abroad.…


Practicology’s digital native on his favourite ecommerce sites

July 1st by Datasouth

As an undergraduate (currently interning at Practicology) I’ve been told that I’m a ‘Digital Native’. I gather this means I am someone who has grown up with the internet and can use it with ease.…


China: the ecommerce frontier

May 14th by Datasouth

The only man-made thing on earth viewable from outer space is the Great Wall of China. When it comes to ecommerce, the wall is tumbling down as the Chinese continue their relentless embrace of commerce…


How to visually merchandise?

May 14th by Datasouth

Visual merchandising (VM) is a critical component of selling online. After all, this is an environment where the customer can’t touch or feel your apparel, accessories or footwear. If you have a…


What's in a name?

April 26th by Datasouth

What’s in a name?....Quite a lot actually I’ve always been more focused on my deliverables and measurement of my performance than my job title. However, in the world of online and multi channel…


Mind the gap, the skills gap that is

April 18th by Datasouth

Everyone knows that supply can’t meet demand when it comes to e-commerce roles. With retailers rationalising their store portfolios and focusing online this will only exacerbate the issue. And given the…



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Role of the Store roundtable report

Practicology recently hosted a breakfast roundtable for 12 retailers to discuss the role of the store in a modern multichannel retail business. Read about what was discussed.


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