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What are the top 5 ecommerce trends for retail in 2017?

January 11th by Sam Gaunt

With yet another tumultuous year behind us, we look ahead at the ecommerce trends that will have the biggest impact on retail in 2017. If retailers are going to develop a successful ecommerce strategy…


Social media 2016: A year in review

December 15th by Sam Gaunt

Practicology consultant Amanda Haxton looks back at 2016 and picks out the key developments in social media that have had the biggest impact on retail. The past 12 months have seen a huge amount of change…


Localisation Report 2016

December 1st by Cassie Callegher

Practicology joined forces with eShopWorld and TranslateMedia in October 2016 to provide some clear insight for both UK and US retailers who operate or plan to launch localised websites for their key…


How to Create a Successful Holiday Gift Guide

November 30th by Alicia Watkinson

With Christmas around the corner, online shoppers are ready to spend generously on loved ones – with a little nudge from you. Love it or hate it, Christmas is near and no matter how diligent you are,…


Google to penalise intrusive interstitials on mobile

November 28th by Annie Nguyen

Google to Penalise Intrusive Interstitials on Mobile from January 2017. In line with their continued efforts towards enhancing the mobile search experience, Google will be introducing a penalty on…


Which Christmas ad campaigns have gone the extra mile with digital marketing?

November 25th by Sam Gaunt

Practicology senior copywriter, Zoe Kenny, examines which retailers have gone the extra mile and truly embraced digital marketing with their Christmas advertising this year. Long-gone are the days where…



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Role of the Store roundtable report

Practicology recently hosted a breakfast roundtable for 12 retailers to discuss the role of the store in a modern multichannel retail business. Read about what was discussed.


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